Digital nomads: the perfect way of living life

I just wanted to share this video with you. It perfectly sums up how I see my ‘perfect life’. How awesome would it be to go out surfing, shopping, visiting friends or – most importantly – TRAVEL when you feel like it and work when you want to work, right?!

In the video, you hear stories about long and exhausting commutes in rush hour and how much time you can save when you have the luxury of making your own schedule and how much more productive people are when their company gives them more freedom. I think more people should work like digital nomads, not only will it be good for the people (less stress, more time for play) but also for the environment (if you work from home you save gas) and for companies as well (more productive people will save them money). Spread the word and let’s all be digital nomads! 



Ik heb vandaag vliegtickets gekocht van geld dat ik eigenlijk niet had. Gevalletje van ernstige wanderlust, wat onderhand wel chronisch te noemen is. Nu zit ik dus met een nog meer gekrompen bankrekening, maar ben wel anderhalve week zon rijker. En je weet wat ze zeggen: geld maakt niet gelukkig. Daar ben ik het dus helemaal mee eens. Wat me op het volgende onderwerp brengt: waarom had ik dat geld dan niet?

Today I bought flight tickets with money I actually didn’t really had. Call it a serious case of chronic wanderlust. So now my bank account is shrinking more and more, but I’m a week and a half of sun richer. And you know what they say: money can’t buy you happiness. I totally agree, which brings me to the following: why did I not have that money? 

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